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Optimizing a Gravure Process for Packaging Printing This paper describes how we optimize a gravure press using solvent-based inks and non-absorbent substrates. Cale Polkinghorne Historical Background. • recess printing (gravure/intaglio) • stencil printing (screen) • digital printing (toner and inkjet) Relief printing—letterpress As the name of the process says, the image areas are in relief and the non-image areas are in recess. substrate for packaging printing, device optimization is the rule. A channel or sunken area is left, this holds the ink. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Quality printing, as dictated by brand owners and market performance, is a measure of product differentiation. Recess printing—Gravure Gravure is another direct printing process, like letterpress with, how- ever some major differences. Italian Renaissance 1300s. Gravure printing, photomechanical intaglio process in which the image to be printed consists of depressions or recesses on the surface of the printing plate. Intaglio is the term used to describe gravure printing (Italian for printing in a sunken surface) Roto Gravure. Printing Processes An ExplanationSaturday, August 29 2009, 1 Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Green Chemistry in Gravure Printing by Adesh Katariya Manager-R&D, Tirupati Inks Ltd 2. Application of the Unit Application of the unit This unit requires the individual to set up gravure printing On application of ink, the relief areas are coated with a film of ink and the non-image areas are not. 1. ing to established procedures, from press to press and shift to shift, the outcome is ... dors has some kind of presentation that will explain in depth all … Packaging Gravure Printing Problems and their Solutions On the following pages, you will find the information on the most common packaging gravure pressroom problems, how to recognize them, their causes and how to correct them. Variation of Gravure Printing Characteristic Curves Xinguang Lv 1, Chang Liu , Yumei Wu1, Heiner Ipsen2 1Packaging engineering institute, Jinan University, Zhuhai, P.R. With Term used for Industrial Intaglio. Engravings and etching into soft copper. The image is directly transferred from the image carrier, which is usually a cylinder, onto the substrate. Gravure is called intaglio because the image areas are in a sunken area and the non-image areas are in relief. Gravure printing: other application areas Seite 43 Pros - Easy printing process – simple setup of printing unit - Constant high printing quality at high volumes - Enlarged color space - Reproducible printing quality - Variability in report length - High printing speed up to 900 m/min - … Roto means Round. Gravure inks: Description Intaglio printing process Gravure inks are fluid inks with a very low viscosity that allows them to be drawn into the engraved cells in the cylinder then transferred onto the substrate. discussing gravure-specific process issues and solutions, if the personnel using ... of the Rotogravure printing process. Flexible Packaging Printing Processes Overview Slide 25 2009 Consumer Packaging Solutions For Barrier Performance Course ROTOGRAVURE Printing Rotogravure: (typically referred to as Gravure) An intaglio process (in-tal-yo means engraved or cut in) in which a negative image is etched into the surface of a copper printing ICPPR321C Set up for basic gravure printing Modification History Not applicable. This is brought to you as another fulfillment of … Unit Descriptor Unit descriptor This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to set up for routine gravure printing. Gravure Printing.
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